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ABOUT Whipmore


Welcome to whipmore, the home of high-quality and affordable whipped cream N2O chargers, whipped cream dispensers and related accessories like CO2 soda and CO2 soda cartridges.


Being a leading international online N2O product store, we are a strong presence, and have been widely recognized in the coffee and food industries with our first-class customer service.


By purchasing our N2O products, you are able to make yummy desserts and amazing drinks like professionals do.


Focusing on the very latest technology, we feature several newest N2O product lines, provide maximum choice and convenience to our valued clients from all over the world at down-to-earth prices.


We also try our best to make shopping with us easy and safe, and accept returns in accordance with our returns policies.


Any questions or comments you may feel free to contact us via the contact page.


whipmore looks forward to meeting all of your consumer needs.


Top 3 reasons to shop with us


  • Strong Technological Background. Our products boast all quality certifications and complywith strict international standards.


  • Quality Customer Service. We are committed to bringing the best cream to our customers worldwide, and fully ready to offer fast and professional support when any issues take place.


  • More Affordable. We can offer prices far lower than most other companies.



What can we offer?


  • For consumers, we can promise quality service and knowledgeable staff.


  • For food industry players, in addition to great prices, we offer support.


  • For re-sellers, we offer several different options to our vendors.




We are highly committed to serving our thousands of customers daily, in numerous restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and in many retail establishments around the world.


Shipping & Packaging


  • We are able to offer world-class shipping options through our long term partnerships with UPS, UPPS, FedEx and other leading global carriers.


  • Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your items by making sure that they are packed in accordance with our rigorous and exacting standards.